Story Seed: The Bishop Effect

Chris, Tiffany, Josh and Caitlin discuss a story about an old scientist who might have unlocked the secrets to the afterlife and an orderly who may have gotten in over his head. This one is a conspiracy/mystery thriller.

Story Seed: How I killed @al3x_sm1th

Josh, Chris, Tiffany and Caitlin come up with a tale about a con artist who beats all the crime bosses at their own game. This one is a action-adventure.

Story Seed: Us Four and Norman

Josh, Tiffany and Chris come up with a story about four kids who make friends with the titular Norman, however their friendship is not a normal one. This one is a supernatural thriller.

Story Seed: A Horse Named Kant

Josh Hartman, Tiffany Thomas and Chris Bailey come up with a story about an post-apocalyptic future where the apocalypse is brought upon us by our human desire to debate philosophy. Also it's a western.

Story Seed: A Picnic on the Moon

Josh Hartman, Tiffany Thomas and Chris Bailey come up with a story about an asteroid miner who sets his people free with the help of a military AI.

Brass Tacks: Operation Mincemeat

Do you know why, on the morning of April 30, 1943, a body, dressed in the uniform of the British Royal Marines was recovered off the coast of Spain, handcuffed to a briefcase with classified information? If you do, don’t listen to this episode of Brass Tacks.

James Bond Theme:

Brass Tacks: Dark Matter with Lawrence Krauss

Famous Physicist Lawrence Krauss joins us to talk about Dark Matter

Brass Tacks: Afghanistan

Afghanistan: It’s all over the news, but why? What makes this country of 30 million people so important in our daily lives? Well, the story begins in 1830.

Brass Tacks: Limnic Eruptions

Exploding Lakes — need we say more?

Brass Tacks: Alexander Hamilton

Who was Alexander Hamilton?

Brass Tacks: The Federal Reserve

What is the Federal Reserve?

Knowledge Cubed: Conway's Game of Monitoring

We talk about Conway’s Game of Life, then have an interview with Dr. Martin Cenek about peer-to-peer sensing networks.

Knowledge Cubed: The Fall of the Neanderthal Empire

Ariel and Josh discuss neanderthals, and why they’re not a thing anymore. I mostly just listen.

Special thanks to Dr. Jamie Clark for being our first interviewee.